KJS Brush & Canvass is a visual art and painting classes based in Stanhope gardens NSW. KJS Brush & Canvass programs and art lessons have been designed to give students a rewarding art experience in a nurturing, creative, and inspiring environment. KJS develop technical skills in drawing, painting, mixed media, printmaking, collage, clay, sculpture, ceramic, canvas and fabric painting and glazing.

            KJS programme and art classes give students confidence by allowing them to experiment with a wide range of media. KJS teach art terminology and help students recognize their own strengths and weaknesses as an artist and polish the skills as an artist. The programme and classes also change from term to term, meaning students stay interested, and challenged. KJS aim to make our programme enjoyable for the students as they will learn more when they enjoy what they do.

The art programs include some of the following:

Learning to really look and see
Black and white line drawing
Different art styles (e.g. Impressionism, Cubism)
Colour theory – mixing colours
Pattern and composition
Basic shapes – natural and manmade
The natural world – insects, plants, flowers, fish