Award Winning Art Classes for Children


Short-term and Long-term drawing classes – perfectly structured artistic education for aspiring professional artists.

Australian Government Accredited Training Organisation for Visual Arts Education

NSW Government Certified Provider - Active & Creative Kids Program





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KJS Brush & Canvass is a visual art and painting class based in north western Sydney.  KJS programme and art lessons have been designed to give students a rewarding art experience in a nurturing, creative, and inspiring environment.

We develop technical skills in drawing, painting, mixed media, printmaking, collage, clay, sculpture, ceramic, canvas and fabric painting and glazing.

Our programme and art classes give students confidence by allowing them to experiment with a wide range of media. We teach art terminology and help students recognise their own strengths and weaknesses as an artist and polish their skills as an artist. The programme and classes also change from term to term, meaning students stay interested and challenged. We aim to make our programme enjoyable for the students as they will learn more when they enjoy what they do.

Our teachers are working with children to check complaints and the environment is safe for the kids to learn. The art programs include some of the following:

  • Learning to really look and see
  • Black and white line drawing
  • 3D perspective
  • Different art styles (e.g. Impressionism, Cubism)
  • Colour theory – mixing colours
  • Pattern and composition
  • Basic shapes – natural and manmade
  • Animals/fantasy animals
  • The natural world – insects, plants, flowers, fish
  • Various printmaking methods


School Term Art Classes

ART Warm Ups

Did you know all children are inborn artists? How do we make them better? Well, we let the little ones be themselves. Art warm-ups help kids do what they love while we comprehend their interests.

Children’s art represents the children’s minds and it reflects what they know about the world. Art is used as a tool for children to express their emotions, feelings and experiences daily. We strongly believe that a child’s artwork should be judged based on the expression of sincerity from a child’s heart. Our KJS is specially designed to promote the children’s artistry and psychological-development and also to help the children in the development of creativity and thinking skills through fun art activities.


Makes simple pictures and other kinds of artwork about things and experiences
Experiments with a range of media in selected forms
Create interest in the colourful world by encouraging freehand drawing and improving basic skills.
Recognizes some of the qualities of different artworks and begins to realize that artists make artworks
Communicates their ideas about pictures and other kinds of artwork
Theory of drawing
Improve learning ability, encourage critical thinking, improve listening skills and concentration, better understanding and boost their imaginative & sensitive observations.

Visual Arts year 7– year 10 Syllabus


Experiences a variety of art-making activities
Explores a variety of materials, techniques and processes
Explores the function of a variety of artists and audiences
Explores how experiences of the world can be communicated in artworks
Recognizes that various interpretations of artworks are possible
Makes a variety of artworks that reflect experiences, responses or a point of view
Explores how ideas and interests in the world can be represented in their art-making
Explores ways to develop ideas in artworks
Uses a range of materials, techniques and processes to make artwork
Still life, landscape, portrait drawing and illustration skills
Pencil sketching, watercolours and oil painting
Modern art, experimental art

Encourage self-express using the paint and brush
Manage  the emotions in reinforcing a sense of personal identity using the colours in an artwork
Emulate self-awareness and build personal style in every artwork
Build connections to relate to the outside world by relating art with real world



Annually KJS will have its annual exhibition and we are happy to include your child’s creativity as well. We will keep you posted on the details of the event. Check the Facebook/website for last year's photos




Trial class only – $45 (The first visit per student for testing includes material changes). Your child can join the art class midterm if we have vacancies, and you will only be charged for the remaining weeks of the term as referred to in the Mid-term start fee structure.

Most of our classes are limited to a maximum of 7 children (except fun Canvas painting).

All our teachers have worked with Children's checks.




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Hard work always pays off. Students at KJS who have worked hard throughout the year would be recognized, appreciated and rewarded for their hard work.  Some students will be promoted to the next level in art. All the students will be requested to participate in this annual art exhibition.